Welcome to Eagle Bus

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Welcome To Eagle Bus

Welcome To Eagle Bus

Eagle Bus is a trip across America to be held hopefully by Summer 2012. Eagle Bus will be driven, staffed, and maintained by college students. We wish to see all that America has to offer . Right now we are looking for donations and sponsorships to get our trip on the road!

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EAGLE BUS - Are U here Yet?

Captain here, im starting this page for Eagle Bus, a new idea for the summer of 2011. Basically Eagle Bus will be a retired School bus, given a make over to travel across America seeing the sights and sounds America has to offer. Right now Eagle Bus is not here; we have not bought her as of yet, but we will be ready for summer of 2012.

Can We Do It? Yes We CAN!

So here is the story, we need to raise a considerable amount of money to start our trip more information of our calculations are presented in our blog. Do u think we can reach $5000? or is that way too much? comment in our blog

The Countdown Starts Now

The Countdown to summer 2012 begins now! We need to raise $5000 by summer of 2010 to complete our Manifest Destiny. So come on you can do it everyone can donate at lease one dollar. Thank You America

Comming Soon!

More Updates on our fund and pictures of our work, stay tuned

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