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- Eagle Bus Update Ticker - April 2009 - Summer Manifest Destiny 2010 canceled due to inadequate funding! Planning for Summer Manifest Destiny 2011 to begin May 30, 2009. - Court Marshal of Former Lieutenant Reid Penny (Financial Officer) Complete. Results. Former Lieutenant Reid Penny was formally charged with one count of gross insubordination to a superior officer. Captain Edwards officially ruled that the now Mr. Reid Penny be stripped of his rank and expelled from Eagle Bus. The Captain remarked, 'Mr Penny's actions up to this matter have been poor, his position puts him in a sensitive and responsible place. As a senior officer, he is the guiding factor amongst the crew and his actions reflect the the command abilities of myself and the Commander. In that regard i have removed Mr. Penny from his command and expelled him from Eagle Bus. Hopefully he can learn from his mistakes here and be a better contribution to projects elsewhere'. Official documents on the court marshal can be requested from The Office Of The Captain. - New Position open for Financial Officer! Please complete the extensive contact form in the Contact Us Page. - Captain Edwards still searching for his bus. The Captain is searching high and low for a bus he can call his own, Ebay has been a major search engine, but govdeals and calling up school districts are another source for him. Recently the captain met with a Sumpter County School District Board member proposing a sale or donation of a retired school bus and was told that the district currently did not have any buses up for retirement this year and that he should check next year or possibly contact other school districts. The captain also faces a massive budget problem since Eagle Bus has not received any donations to date. The Captain desperately seeks sponsorships and donations for Eagle Bus; he stated 'we at Eagle Bus are always hopeful and head strong, I am sure that we can avert our budget crisis.' The captain keeps a strong mind and is dealing with both problems. - Crew Member Carl Foster looks to be a likely candidate for promotion. 'Mr. Foster has been a loyal crew member since his induction two months before. However, it is unorthodox that i promote a crew member so early but our current situation warrants this promotion. Mr. Foster is not officially promoted as of yet but i will be keeping a keen eye on him', The Captain said. Will Mr. Foster be our new Financial Officer? Only The Eagle Bus Update Ticker will have the first news. - New Security Officer position created. Captain Edwards has his eye on his Security Chief already. 'Security is important, that is redundant, we need security plain and simple.' (Captain) The Captain reports that the new Officer will be sworn in at the end of two weeks. - Happy Birthday Captain Edwards! The Captain turns 19 today April 30th 2009. Although he is too busy to celebrate, the Captain meets his crew with smiles. He and the commander soon left. - This Ends the April 2009 News Segment, The EBUT will be updated May 1st, 2009 - The Eagle Bus Update Ticker - You place for the most up to date Eagle Bus news!

- Eagle Bus Update Ticker - May 2009 - Still in top news at Eagle Bus, SUMMER MANIFEST DESTINY 2010 HAS BEEN CANCELED. Planning for Summer Manifest Destiny 2011 - The budget seems kind of dead EB has not received one dime from donations or sponsorships. Some question whether Eagle Bus is just a failed dream. - - This Ends the May 2009 News Segment, The EBUT will be fully updated June 1st, 2009 - The Eagle Bus Update Ticker - You place for the most up to date Eagle Bus news!

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